letter from the editors

Dear Reader,

Our belief is that everything that manifests itself externally begins internally. What we believe about ourselves is what enables us to support and love and believe in others. You’re going to find a lot on what’s within here, which you might’ve gathered. But what exactly is the what that is within?

it’s the part of us no one can see, but can experience and feel

it’s the thing that does not get leathery skin, nor acne

it’s the thing that empathizes and aches and loves and hides and gives

it’s a culmination of all the whys behind our favorite songs and moments and scents

it’s the source of much of our art

it’s our wellness

it’s the thing that cannot be clothed, nor dyed, nor covered up

it’s our souls

it’s our unedited & beautiful stories

We hope you a place of solace and fun and inspiration on here, but mostly we hope you continue to be yourself, love those around you, and serve the ideas you’ve been given by writing and painting and changing and building and playing despite any fear of disapproval or misunderstanding or rejection.